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June 30 2018 Storm in Richland County

Saturday June 30 2018 started out as a hot and humid day.  Excessive heat warnings were in effect.  Richland Center was hosting Thunder Fest Richland Center’s 4th of July Celebration in Krouskop park with Music food and activities for all ages.

Churning Dirt Nationals was in full swing at the Richland County Fair Grounds.

Many people were out and about at both events.  Around 4:00pm we began to watch the weather radar and spotters were put on alert as storms were starting to develop to our west.  4:30pm a I Chris kanable KC9CMD placed a call to LaCrosse National Weather to get an update on the incoming weather.  After the call the information was relayed to Chief Deputy Chad Kanable as he was in contact with both events threw the Sheriff’s office Dispatch Center.

As the storm approached both events took action and got people to safety.

With the storms passing it brought with it some rain, but mostly wind.

Winds were estimated at 40 – 45 MPH fairly constant for about 3 -5 minutes, with some gust to around 60 – 65 MPH.  Trees were down along with power and other lines around the city.

The city electric utility estimated that power would be out till probably 10:00am on Sunday July 1.

With the help of the City Electric,City Street department, City Parks and Grounds,  Richland Electric Co-op, Reedsburg Electric Utility, the Richland Center Fire Department, City and County Emergency Management and the Salvation Army  Everyone made it threw the night.

The City’s Fireworks were rescheduled for Sunday July 1st and they went off with out a hitch the weather couldn’t of been better.

Following are Photos from the storm.

Krouskop after the storm

Tents that were blown down during the storm
Patio furniture blown around at the parks public pool
Large tree blown down Roots and all East side of the parks Pool on Jefferson street. Taking down major power lines

The big tree on the east side of the pool on Jefferson Street
Photo by Pil Wallace KC9QQQ

A close up shot of the downed tree east side of the parks pool
A power pole snapped by the big tree east side of the pool
Many tree branches were snapped off all over the city

City Electric Utility Superintendent – Dale Bender Working on a support cable for a power pole
More damage from around the city

Assistance Needed for PI-TRY Challenge Triathlon!

Pi-Tri-Challenge-1024x746The PI-TRY Challenge Triathlon is coming up on Saturday, July 2nd and we need at least 8 operators to help make this a successful event!

We will need to be at the EOC by 6:30 am to deploy to the starting points.

The kayaking Starts at Bowens Mill then heads down the Pine River to Krouskop Park and they end by the tennis courts.

Attached you will find two maps one is of the bike routes; the challenge route from the park out 8th street past the cemetery then past the fairgrounds then splits off and goes up fiddlers green over to County N to Haseltine Street, then to Church Street then 8th Street and back to the park. The novice route goes from the park out 8th street then past the cemetery then the fairgrounds and out SR North to HWY 80 the riders then turn around and follow the route back in to 8th Street then to Krouskop Park.

The routes will always cross under HWY 14 never across HWY 14!

Please sign-up by visiting


Field Day 2015

Come join us for a fun filled day just east of Richland Center next to the old Koch Tractor building. The Pine Valley Repeater ARC has some of the finest operators in the world with expertise in everything from how to properly classify and send storm reports to providing backup communications in the event of a major disaster and even providing communications around the world!

2015 FD Poster.indd

PVR FD 2015 LocationPVR-FD-2015-Location_zoom_web

Download the PVR Field Day Poster HERE!

PVR ARC Invites You to 10GHz QSO’s w/ KA9VVQ & W9FZ

Good Evening Everyone!

I am writing this email to invite you all to a very special event that the Pine Valley Repeater ARC will be hosting on April 16th at 7PM at Richland Hospital (address below). PVR has invited KA9VVQ (Janice) and W9FZ (Bruce) down to Richland Center to give a presentation and hopefully (weather permitting) a demonstration on 10GHz QSO’s!

You may have seen the QST article from a couple months ago? Yup, that was these two! And since they live up in the Twin Cities area, we’ve put together a special evening and are inviting all area Amateur Radio operators to come on out to Richland Center and check out this exciting presentation.

The presentation will be held at Richland Hospital (333 E Second St., Richland Center WI, 53581) in Conference Room #1. Everyone is asked to wear their club and/or ARES/RACES ID if you have one to help facilitate security in the Hospital, but we will have folks at the main entrance as well to help direct you to the conference room. The presentation will begin at 7pm CT and will run approx 30-45 minutes with time for Q&A and then of course (weather permitting) we will head out into two groups to demonstrate what goes into completing a 10GHz QSO!

Please forward this out to other clubs and HAM’s in the area. We are hoping to have a great turn-out!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with myself.

73, Happy Easter and Go Badgers!

Joshua Roskos, KC9WWH
Emergency Coordinator // Grant County ARES/RACES
President // Pine Valley Repeater, LTD-W9PVR
h (608) 485-1570

Hams Encouraged to Hit the Water for New US Islands Awards “One-Day Getaway”

Fans of portable ham radio are encouraged to grab their equipment and head for the water as part of the new “One-Day Getaway,” sponsored by the US Islands Awards Program. The annual event will debut on Saturday, May 9, from 0000 UTC through 2359 UTC (Friday evening to Saturday evening in the continental US). Founded in 1994, US Islands promotes portable ham radio operation from islands in all bodies of water — lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and coastal islands in US territorial waters.

“US Islands is a great way to go on a mini-DXpedition without spending a lot of money,” said US Islands Awards Manager Jay Chamberlain, NS4J. “Discovering islands in your own backyard and setting up a station outdoors is always a good time. If hams have only operated outdoors during Field Day, we offer another route to get outside and enjoy portable ham radio in a different way.”

The One-Day Getaway is an on-air activity, not a contest. No scores are tallied, and no prizes are awarded. Participation from all radio amateurs, regardless of experience level, is encouraged. Contacts may be made with any station. US Islands offers achievement awards for both island activators and island chasers, including a certificate for your first US Islands activation.

While there are some 2800 islands on the US Islands list, there are more than 17000 islands within the US. Participants can use Google Earth to locate new islands and be the first to operate ham radio from that location.

Complete information on the US Islands Program, a how-to guide for One-Day Getaway participants and a list of currently qualified islands is available on the group’s website.

Courtesy of the ARRL

AuxComm HF NET Exercise Announcement

On Sunday, 25 January 2015, at 3pm (Eastern Time) the AUXCOMM Network will be conducting another volunteer HF emergency communications training net for all AuxComm personnel within the United States. The primary purpose of this net is to allow all amateur radio operators and opportunity to test out their equipment and get signal reports from three net control stations (NCSs) which will be spread out between Florida and Illinois. Operating on both the 20 and 40 meter bands, this one hour test will allow all amateur radio operators the opportunity to contact all three net controls on all both bands which are typically used for emergency communications. The following matrix should be used when participating: (all times are Eastern)

Station                              3pm_______3:15pm          3:30pm                3:45pm                    4pm

(Washington, DC)        7.186                 14.282             7.186                     14.282                   Finish

(Chicago, IL)                  14.322               7.236               14.322                   7.236                     Finish

(Orlando, FL)                7.263                 14.228             7.263                     14.228                   Finish

Frequency’s maybe +/- 5 kHz depending on QRM/QRN. Try to hit all three net control stations using all six frequencies. Net Controls will be logging your call signs, locations and signal reports.

This training net is coordinated by volunteer amateur radio operators. It has nothing to do with any government entity and is not intended to replace any of the great HF nets that various EMCOMM organizations currently have on the air.   This training net is for all amateur radio operators. Especially those who provide public safety with emergency backup communications. Should you have any questions regarding this AuxComm training net, please feel free to send your inquiries to:

ARES Volunteers in Ohio Activate Following Loss of 911, Telephone Services

ARES volunteers in northeast Ohio activated on January 13 after 911 and other telephone services went down in six counties due to a power failure at a major AT&T center in Akron. The outage was blamed on a burst steam pipe. Cell telephones and the 800-900 MHz digital Multi-Agency Radio Communication System (MARCS) remained functioning.

The Medina County Emergency Management Agency requested ARES communication support with surrounding counties and with the Ohio Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Columbus as a backup. At the same time, EMA Directors in Stark, Summit, Portage, Mahoning, and Columbiana counties alerted their ARES organizations.

Ohio ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator Stan Broadway, N8BHL, also requested activation of RACES station W8SGT at the Ohio EOC. Communication was established on 75 meters with several county Emergency Coordinators. The EOC also was able to link up with the Stark County 2 meter repeater, some 135 miles away.

Amateur Radio tactical communication regarding the status of systems and repairs confirmed what was being reported via MARCS. The Amateur Radio activation terminated after 4 hours, once the 911 system was brought back online.

“The Ohio EOC staff was extremely cordial as we coordinated with them, and the various county EMA directors were quick to activate Amateur Radio during the event,” Broadway said.

Broadway said Ohio volunteers already had practiced for such an event, since the emergency scenario during the Ohio Simulated Emergency Test (SET) last fall involved a statewide communication breakdown.

As occasionally happens, Broadway said, such events occur at inconvenient times. One EMA director was away on a honeymoon, and the Stark County EOC had no antennas in place while the roof of their building was being replaced. “Summit County (Akron) had an additional challenge,” Broadway noted. “It was decided to move their EOC, because all phone service was down. ARES members had to grab a ‘go bag’ and quickly set up operations at an alternate site.”

“My thanks to all who were involved!” Broadway said. “Our response was quick and professional, and was a great opportunity to show the value of Amateur Radio.”

Field Day 2009

What a glorious weekend the Pine Valley Repeater radio operators had while participating in the nationwide ARRL sponsored Field Day. The weather was perfect for this event.

Early on Saturday morning, June 27, several members of the PVR Club gathered at the Field Day site to begin setting up the antennas, communicating stations, and a multitude of other activities in preparation for 24 hours of making as many radio contacts as possible.

By noon, four (4) communicating stations were ready to go, complete with radio operators and loggers. We utilized 4 communicating modes — SSB phone, CW, PSK31, and VHF/UHF. All the stations were busy into the late evening hours … and again beginning early on Sunday morning. Hundreds of contacts were made with other FD participants from all over the U.S. , including Alaska and Hawaii, and even ham operators in Canada. It was a great event!

We used our Club call — W9SSC — as a Special Event Station commemorating the annual Star Spangled Celebration country/western concert. SSC attracts many of the popular country/western stars as well as thousands and thousands of country/western fans.

The 2009 Field Day ended with a delicious potluck dinner. Hmmmmm Hmmmmm Good!

Following are some photos of the ’09 Field Day:

 Assembling the beam antenna
Assembling the beam antenna
 Many hands make work easy
Many hands make work easy
 The gang doing a good job
The gang doing a good job
 Shawn attaching the beam
Shawn attaching the beam
 Won't be long now
Won’t be long now
 We'll soon be ready
We’ll soon be ready
 Tough jobs need a supervisor
Tough jobs need a supervisor
 Starting the tough part
Starting the tough part
 That tower is heavy!
That tower is heavy!
 Everybody pulls their weight
Everybody pulls their weight
 Nearly there
Nearly there
 Old Glory flying high
Old Glory flying high
 Our sign
Our sign
 We're finally communicating!
We’re finally communicating!
 Santana logs while Ralph sends CW
Santana logs while Ralph sends CW
 Mike logs while Kevin communicates phone(SSB)
Mike logs while Kevin communicates phone(SSB)
 Neil and John at one of the stations
Neil and John at one of the stations
Brad working on computer network
 Dick communicating via PSK31
Dick communicating via PSK31
 Our youngster, Russ, learning PSK31
Our youngster, Russ, learning PSK31
 Our PVR "Welcome to Field Day" sign
Our PVR “Welcome to Field Day” sign
 End of FD -- potluck
End of FD — potluck
 Shawn is an expert at grilling brats
Shawn is an expert at grilling brats
 Potluck is a family affair
Potluck is a family affair