AuxComm HF NET Exercise Announcement

On Sunday, 25 January 2015, at 3pm (Eastern Time) the AUXCOMM Network will be conducting another volunteer HF emergency communications training net for all AuxComm personnel within the United States. The primary purpose of this net is to allow all amateur radio operators and opportunity to test out their equipment and get signal reports from three net control stations (NCSs) which will be spread out between Florida and Illinois. Operating on both the 20 and 40 meter bands, this one hour test will allow all amateur radio operators the opportunity to contact all three net controls on all both bands which are typically used for emergency communications. The following matrix should be used when participating: (all times are Eastern)

Station                              3pm_______3:15pm          3:30pm                3:45pm                    4pm

(Washington, DC)        7.186                 14.282             7.186                     14.282                   Finish

(Chicago, IL)                  14.322               7.236               14.322                   7.236                     Finish

(Orlando, FL)                7.263                 14.228             7.263                     14.228                   Finish

Frequency’s maybe +/- 5 kHz depending on QRM/QRN. Try to hit all three net control stations using all six frequencies. Net Controls will be logging your call signs, locations and signal reports.

This training net is coordinated by volunteer amateur radio operators. It has nothing to do with any government entity and is not intended to replace any of the great HF nets that various EMCOMM organizations currently have on the air.   This training net is for all amateur radio operators. Especially those who provide public safety with emergency backup communications. Should you have any questions regarding this AuxComm training net, please feel free to send your inquiries to:

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