June 30 2018 Storm in Richland County

Saturday June 30 2018 started out as a hot and humid day.  Excessive heat warnings were in effect.  Richland Center was hosting Thunder Fest Richland Center’s 4th of July Celebration in Krouskop park with Music food and activities for all ages.

Churning Dirt Nationals was in full swing at the Richland County Fair Grounds.

Many people were out and about at both events.  Around 4:00pm we began to watch the weather radar and spotters were put on alert as storms were starting to develop to our west.  4:30pm a I Chris kanable KC9CMD placed a call to LaCrosse National Weather to get an update on the incoming weather.  After the call the information was relayed to Chief Deputy Chad Kanable as he was in contact with both events threw the Sheriff’s office Dispatch Center.

As the storm approached both events took action and got people to safety.

With the storms passing it brought with it some rain, but mostly wind.

Winds were estimated at 40 – 45 MPH fairly constant for about 3 -5 minutes, with some gust to around 60 – 65 MPH.  Trees were down along with power and other lines around the city.

The city electric utility estimated that power would be out till probably 10:00am on Sunday July 1.

With the help of the City Electric,City Street department, City Parks and Grounds,  Richland Electric Co-op, Reedsburg Electric Utility, the Richland Center Fire Department, City and County Emergency Management and the Salvation Army  Everyone made it threw the night.

The City’s Fireworks were rescheduled for Sunday July 1st and they went off with out a hitch the weather couldn’t of been better.

Following are Photos from the storm.

Krouskop after the storm

Tents that were blown down during the storm
Patio furniture blown around at the parks public pool
Large tree blown down Roots and all East side of the parks Pool on Jefferson street. Taking down major power lines

The big tree on the east side of the pool on Jefferson Street
Photo by Pil Wallace KC9QQQ

A close up shot of the downed tree east side of the parks pool
A power pole snapped by the big tree east side of the pool
Many tree branches were snapped off all over the city

City Electric Utility Superintendent – Dale Bender Working on a support cable for a power pole
More damage from around the city

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