June 15th 2021 Meeting Minutes

Pine Valley Repeater 

Richland County ARES/RACES

Rescheduled Monthly Meeting June 15 -2021

Virtually via Zoom

Members present:  KC9CMD Chris Vice President, KC9LBO Ralph Treasure,      W1MOZ David, KC9MRV Adam,  KC9HHF Linda, KC9MRW Neil,  Dick W9JR KC9GPD Glen,

Guest: Chris Shannon, Quent W6RI, Clint

Meeting called to order about 7:07pm by KC9CMD Chris Vice President

Meeting minutes from May 18, Motion to approve as received by Ralph  Dave 2nd approved.

Treasurer Report: current balance same as last month (Ralph Didn’t have exact info with him)

Chris K. Made motion Linda 2nd Approved 

JulyNet control: Ralph KC9LBO (8:30 pm net time)


ARES/RACES ID: Chris Talked about the Info has been submitted by Richland County Emergency Manager Darin and he will contact Chris when the IDs are ready

National Night out Vernon County Adam KC9MRV Talked about the event on Tuesday August 3rd 4-8 pm and is looking for help in Parking cars and possibly Helping with a demonstration both Please let Adam or Chris know if you could help.

EOC antenna problem Ralph and Adam are working to resolve the problem.

PVR Recap:

Club President Report:  We will be going back to in person meetings along with zoom starting in July.

RC Fair: September 8th -12th  2021 it was talked about and members are to be thinking if the club would like to have a booth at the fair  It will be discussed at the next meeting

D Star Repeater project:  Nothing new to report at this time things are getting closer to getting D Star back on the air from RC.

Field day which is June 26 & 27 was discussed and it was voted that PVR will not have a field day site but we were invited by Joe WB9SBD to Join Yellow Thunder ARC for there field day.  Their Field Day Info can be found on their Web site. 

At the last meeting A discussion about grants was talked about.  Linda talked about the 3 grant found that we can apply for, Rotary, We Energies, and Alient Energy. We then discussed what we wanted as far as equipment. Then what equipment should go with what grant. It was decided that we should put with the We Energy grant: ICOM 7300 HF Radio,  Alient Energy: Antenna Tryplexer, and Rotary: ICOM  ID 5100A Dual band D-Star mobile radio. Raph made the motion with Dave 2nd and it carried.

Linda brought some great news, that we have been approved for the Alient Energy grant this being said we will be able to get a tryplexer for the D Star site.

Club computers after talking with the counties IT personnel it was determined that our computers in the EOC Coms room are out of date and should be replaced.  We will begin to look at other grants or fundraisers to be able to replace the desk top computer(s) and possibly get a laptop for portable use.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday July 20th  7:00pm at the Courthouse and on Zoom with the Zoom Room opening around 6:00 pm for testing equipment and or socializing.

Meeting was adjourned about 8:15pm Linda made motion Dave 2nd motion carried.

Meeting minutes by: Chris KC9CMD

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