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91 Repeater Update

Good Evening Folks –

I wanted to update you all where we are at with the 91 repeater. A couple weeks ago a new notch filter was installed on the receive line of the repeater and this did knock the interference back, but unfortunately we are still seeing it with stations further out. We’ve believe we have a solution that should knock the interference down even more, but it will take a little time to get that installed yet.

Last week we were also extremely happy to finally get our controller working with the new repeater! This was a big accomplishment in itself and now that it is working we can proceed with other items on our punch list. As many of you may have noticed, the ID’s and the curtesy tone were quite loud on the repeater once we got the controller working, this has since been adjusted and now sounds beautiful!

So in the end, we are definitely making progress, but as always there is still more to do. In the mean time I need all operators to monitor the repeater as you normally would and if you notice any issues to please report them to me ASAP with as much info as possible to aid in resolving them. Feel free to call or email me at


Josh //KC9WWH