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PVR Meeting April 21, 2020

Pine Valley Amateur Radio Club
Meeting Minutes March 21, 2020

Call to Order: at 7:05 pm on the 146.910 repeater
Sign In: Members:
Chris kanable KC9CMD, Dick Neumann W9JR, Ralph Hendrickson KC9LBO,
Neil KC9MRW, Daina KC9KOQ, Glen KC9GPD (via Echolink)

Meeting Exercise: We held a drill simulating the current Pandemic.
we used our 146.910 repeater with members simulating being activated and sent to the following locations

Emergency Operations center: Chris KC9CMD Net contole
Richland Hospital: Ralph KC9LBO
Richland Center High School (Shelter#1): Neil KC9MRW
Rover: Glen KC9GPD
HF Radio: Dick W9JR

The exercise lasted about 45 minutes and we passed a few messages using the ICS Incident Command System 213 Message form.
Most everyone had to either send a message or to reply to a message using the ICS 213 format.
Over all the drill went as planed. We did however learn a few things that we needed to brush up on or even practice using more. One Item was tactical call signs. Another was being sure you have all the tools needed for being a net control, as you never know when you may need to be one and not have access to the EOC Communications room or to your regular net papers and forms. It was also talked about doing another drill in another few months.
Thanks to all who participated in the Exercise. It was a good time to bush up on our communication skills.

The meeting exercise raped up about 7:45pm.

Meeting Minutes:
Submitted by Chris kanable KC9CMD