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St. Feriole Island Activation

In October, 2011, in conjunction with the Viroqua ARC, PVR assisted in activating an island for the U.S. Islands program. St. Feriole Island in the Mississippi River at Prairie du Chien was given the official U.S. Islands program number WI048R. WI (Wisconsin), 048 (the 48th Wisconsin island to be activated), and R (in a river — the Mississippi).

st. feriole island 3The Activation Crew

Back: Bob Naegele (W9MZ); Adam Rastall (KC9MRV); Laura Rockland (KC9KOO); Shawn Rockland (KC9KOP); John Thompson (KB9TPG); Nicole Hendrickson (KC9NHQ); Ralph Hendrickson (KC9LBO). Front: Dick Neumann (W9JR); Tahmara Hendrickson (KC9UJM)

st. feriole island 4